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mafi Tigeroak in niXe designhotel in Binz/GER (please translate)

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Art nouveau meets contemporary design

The niXe Designhotel” (Binz, Rügen, Germany) is a real gem on the beachfront: the combination of contemporary design and a perfectly matching natural oiled wooden floor inside an art nouveau villa deserves the title “outstanding and amazingly unique”.

We are proud that “The niXe Designhotel” used our “mafi Tigeroak cream color filler, brushed, white oiled” as main floor for their luxury restaurant. Above all they equipped the counter in the hotelbar with a fabulously illuminated Tigeroak. This is a specially made Tigeroak where back light illuminates the whole room through the unfilled cracks of the wood. This makes the ambience very special and delightful.

In the hotel nixe is not only a very good floor, you also get a very good meal. We congratulate the Hotel nixe for his first Michelin Stone.

mafi floors are perfect to be used in restaurants. Because of the open natural oiled wood, the surface is extremely hardwearing. Therefore, mafi floors are also suitable for rooms that are used frequently by the public or for commercial purposes.

Check our pictures and see for yourself!

Please follow the link for more impressions about mafi floors in restaurants

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mafi fresco report in MARK magazine (please translate)

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In the next release (No. 21) of the MARK magazine by FRAME, mafi Fresco will be presented to design- and architecture- people. Attached you will find the text of the report.

In one of the most famous and toughest international design competitions, the
Red Dot Design Award, Mafi’s Fresco floor was awarded an honourable mention
by a jury composed of top-class experts, while no other prizes were awarded
in its category. ‘Mafi Fresco is ideal for wellness facilities and all living spaces,
where people usually walk barefoot,’ explains Heidrun Fillafer, responsible for
research and development in the Austrian firm. ‘The sophisticated finishing of
the floor surfaces made possible by various milling programmes not only gives
them a striking appearance, with waves (Fresco Duna), spots (Fresco Punkto)
or diamond shapes (Fresco Rombo), but also provides the tired soles of our feet
with a soothing, relaxing and invigorating massage,’ she adds. ‘At the same time,
the imagination can run riot when it comes to possible uses for the product, due
to its decorative appearance.’
‘Successful products differ from less successful products in that they can
stand up to real conditions,’ said design expert Professor Dr Peter Zec, when
introducing the Red Dot Design Award. ‘Successful participation in a design competition
can be the first indication of the later commercial success of a product,
as such competitions make it possible to look objectively at otherwise highly
subjective design decisions.’ Receiving an award in an internationally renowned
design competition is therefore an important indication of whether a product
has the potential to succeed internationally. Products submitted for the Red
Dot Design Award were judged by an international jury composed of renowned
design experts. They evaluate and test the products and assess them according
to criteria such as innovation, functionality, ergonomics, durability, environmental
sustainability or clarity of function. This year the jury judged companies from
49 countries, which submitted over 3,000 products. Prizes were awarded in the
categories ‘product design’, ‘communication design’, and ‘design concept’.

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new mafi flagshipstore in Cannes/France (please translate)

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All the friends of our philosophy and products now have the possibility to get closer in contact with our new sales & service company mafi France established in Cannes.

Stephanie Benoit and Daniel Bangerter  are very proud to be part of mafi France and to introduce these architectural products in the new Flagshipstore in Cannes.

The new headquarter opens 5 days a week.

mafi Flagshipstore Cannes
Mon-Fri: 09:00 a.m. to 01:00 p.m. & 02:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
1390 Avenue du Campon
06110 Le Cannet/Cannes
Phone: +33 (0)4 93 43 51 36

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Custom Colour for Special Products (please translate)

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Starting with the Tigeroak with black filler mafi R&D always wanted more colours and a bigger variaty for our customers. With our CC (custom colour) line we now can fill your personal floor with all colours that have a RAL code.

This is very interesting for public and commercial buildings where logos, CI and CD should also be captured in the floor but also for a special mood in private areas.

The colours can be chosen for Tiger Oak, Magic Oak, Coral Oak, Coral Oak Vulcano, Nero Coral Oak Vulcano, Magic Oak Vulcano, Nero Coral Oak Vulcano and the Magic Ash Dark Vulcano.

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Tigeroak grades up a bar (please translate)

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mafi and one of its partners just finished an interior project in a new bar in Sölden / Austria. The Tigeroak is not only used for the floor but also for a perfect symbiosis on the wall and on the ceiling.

For a good impression have a closer look on the pictures.

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Remarquable maison à Los Angeles

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Nous avons reçu des photos d’une incroyable maison privée de 10,000 pieds carrés  avec une somptueuse vue sur le bassin de Los Angeles. Dans certaines pièces il a été utilisé des parquets mafi. Nous sommes très fiers de pouvoir mentionner cette magnifique référence.

Cette maison attire beaucoup l’attention aux Etats-Unis. Elle serait annoncée comme la meilleure maison moderne à Los Angeles.

Click here for more information about this project please.

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Cathédrale de Mexico

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Le projet de la cathédrale de Mexico vient de se terminer. Nous sommes très fiers et heureux de l’annoncer. Notre partenaire mexicain a réalisé ce projet global en chêne mafi pour les escaliers, le sol et également pour la chaire des prêtres. Pour plus d’informations cliquez ici s’il vous plaît.

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Harald’s experiences – part I

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Some month ago a lady was coming in our flagship store and wanted have a very light floor for the whole house. She decided to take the mafi Maple white oiled and wanted to install this floor also in the kitchen. We discussed the situation and I ask here if she is also cooking in her kitchen, because I was thinking about “Hungarian Gulasch” or “Italian pasta” on the floor – which would be a nice colour difference – and I told her that I was not so sure if this floor is quite well the right decision.

2 weeks later I a met another lady having breakfast in the Cafe Bazar and she asked me, “you are working in this nice flagship around the corner, aren’t you?“yes I am”, and she said:”We decided 6 years ago to take this wonderful  floor and I am still so happy because it´s so easy to clean. Much better then the floor we had before”. I ask her all the important things, which floor, which rooms, …

She told me that they have a mafi Maple white oiled in the whole house also in the kitchen and in the bathroom too. No problems, no stains. I learned that it´s possible to use a white oiled maple also in a kitchen with kids and dogs. I ask here about her secret to get a look like a new floor. She said “I took a little more soap on the floor in the beginning than mafi recommend me. And so the floor was fat enough and I never had a problem“.

The only problem I had with this information, I got it 2 weeks too late to tell the other lady.

Harald Maier, CSO

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Buddha Bar Monaco

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Mondialement le Buddha Bar est synonyme d’une parfaite combinaison entre “dîner & divertissement” avec “style & glamour”. Le Buddha Bar Monaco a ouvert ses portes au mois de juin dernier et le principal revêtement de ce bar est un magnifique Chêne Nero produit par mafi avec beaucoup de savoir-faire et d’amour.

Un parfait mariage avec une somptueuse décoration d’époque restaurée et finement harmonisée par les architectes de la “Société des Bains de Mer” ( SBM) avec les couleurs rouge et or formant l’identité Buddha Bar.
Ce nouveau Buddha Bar est en effet situé au sein de l’ancien cabaret  où le chantier a permis de mettre à jour des boiseries de chêne dorées à l’or fin sur les murs . Au plafond, un époustouflant décor en stuc Belle Epoque. Cet ensemble était « caché » depuis plusieurs décennies par des revêtements synthétiques et les restaurations « enlaidissantes » de l’époque.

Ces merveilles restaurées grâce au savoir -faire d’artisans et combinées à des matériaux exceptionnels confère à ce bar un côté intemporel.

Notre jeune et professionnelle équipe basée à Cannes est à l’origine de ce projet. “Je suis très fière de ce projet car ce fût une tâche difficile avec une marque encore inconnue dans cette zone et travailler en collaboration avec les architectes de la SBM et obtenir leur approbation pour notre produit fût une riche expérience ” explique Stéphanie Benoit, Responsable commerciale, mafi France.

L’inauguration a eu lieu le 25 juin 2010 en présence du Prince Albert de Monaco et de la Princesse Caroline.

Architectes: SBM, Société des Bains de Mer, Monaco

Matériel: Chêne Nero, brossé, huilé nature

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Decor à Moscou

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mafi a participé à  ”a week of decor” à Moscou.Beaucoup de personnes ont visité le show-room du partenaire mafi en Russie, Veranda 7. mafi Moscou a été très fière de recevoir quelques célébrités parmi lesquelles la Princess Michael de Kent, le remarquable designer italien Andrea Fabbri et l’excellent architecte Philipov Michael et le plus reconnu des experts en classicisme. En Russie, nous assistons à une demande croissante de produits mafi qui répondent parfaitement aux attentes d’une clientèle russe aisée.

Commentaire concernant Decor à Moscou
“Cela a été une très bonne semaine qui s’est déroulée avec succès pour mafi et notre  nouveau showroom”, Irina de mafi Russie.

For more information about the showroom please click here

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