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Harald’s experiences – part I

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Some month ago a lady was coming in our flagship store and wanted have a very light floor for the whole house. She decided to take the mafi Maple white oiled and wanted to install this floor also in the kitchen. We discussed the situation and I ask here if she is also cooking in her kitchen, because I was thinking about “Hungarian Gulasch” or “Italian pasta” on the floor – which would be a nice colour difference – and I told her that I was not so sure if this floor is quite well the right decision.

2 weeks later I a met another lady having breakfast in the Cafe Bazar and she asked me, “you are working in this nice flagship around the corner, aren’t you?“yes I am”, and she said:”We decided 6 years ago to take this wonderful  floor and I am still so happy because it´s so easy to clean. Much better then the floor we had before”. I ask her all the important things, which floor, which rooms, …

She told me that they have a mafi Maple white oiled in the whole house also in the kitchen and in the bathroom too. No problems, no stains. I learned that it´s possible to use a white oiled maple also in a kitchen with kids and dogs. I ask here about her secret to get a look like a new floor. She said “I took a little more soap on the floor in the beginning than mafi recommend me. And so the floor was fat enough and I never had a problem“.

The only problem I had with this information, I got it 2 weeks too late to tell the other lady.

Harald Maier, CSO

mafi – the idea

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mafi France s’établie à Cannes

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Tous les amoureux des produits et de la philosophie mafi en France ont désormais la possibilité de se rapprocher de

notre filiale française mafi France établie à Cannes.

 ”C’est en voyageant et travaillant entre les Etats-Unis et l’Amérique Latine à la recherche de talents dans l’univers du bois où qu’ils puissent être que je découvris un produit véritablement unique qui provenait de mon ancien continent et je devins alors une amoureuse des créations mafi et de la philosophie de cette maison. Je pris alors la décision en 2008 de retour en France de développer une collaboration avec mafi sur le marché français. Aujourd’hui je suis très fière de faire partie de mafi France et de promouvoir ces parquets architecturaux sur de nombreux projets de standing sur la Côte d’Azur, à Monaco, Paris, Lyon, …” Stéphanie Benoit, CSO mafi France

mafi on the casa pasarela – Madrid

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We are in Madrid on the Casa Pasarela (27.03.-31.03.) with our newest booth. This booth was designed in collaboration with our CI design partner AREA and with a young US graffiti-artist.

This booth has the same uniqueness as our floors – begehbare Kunstwerke!

On this exhibition we show a part of our product-portfolio including Tiger Oak, Magic Oak, Magic Ash, Domino, Coral Oak, …