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mafi Tigeroak in niXe designhotel in Binz/GER (please translate)

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Art nouveau meets contemporary design

The niXe Designhotel” (Binz, Rügen, Germany) is a real gem on the beachfront: the combination of contemporary design and a perfectly matching natural oiled wooden floor inside an art nouveau villa deserves the title “outstanding and amazingly unique”.

We are proud that “The niXe Designhotel” used our “mafi Tigeroak cream color filler, brushed, white oiled” as main floor for their luxury restaurant. Above all they equipped the counter in the hotelbar with a fabulously illuminated Tigeroak. This is a specially made Tigeroak where back light illuminates the whole room through the unfilled cracks of the wood. This makes the ambience very special and delightful.

In the hotel nixe is not only a very good floor, you also get a very good meal. We congratulate the Hotel nixe for his first Michelin Stone.

mafi floors are perfect to be used in restaurants. Because of the open natural oiled wood, the surface is extremely hardwearing. Therefore, mafi floors are also suitable for rooms that are used frequently by the public or for commercial purposes.

Check our pictures and see for yourself!

Please follow the link for more impressions about mafi floors in restaurants

new mafi flagshipstore in Cannes/France (please translate)

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All the friends of our philosophy and products now have the possibility to get closer in contact with our new sales & service company mafi France established in Cannes.

Stephanie Benoit and Daniel Bangerter  are very proud to be part of mafi France and to introduce these architectural products in the new Flagshipstore in Cannes.

The new headquarter opens 5 days a week.

mafi Flagshipstore Cannes
Mon-Fri: 09:00 a.m. to 01:00 p.m. & 02:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
1390 Avenue du Campon
06110 Le Cannet/Cannes
Phone: +33 (0)4 93 43 51 36

Viral marketing with floors. That works?

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In fact you go to a restaurant to enjoy a dinner because of the chef. But the uniqueness of a restaurant can be exponentiated with a unique floor that is perfectly composed in the restaurant and gives the guests a special “wow-effect”. Such a strategic interior investment is not only to feel comfortable it is also a floor that makes the restaurant special and promotes it in a unique way.

The same experience we have had in the hotel business. In the Austrian Alps there is a fantastic hotel with a black lighted purple Tiger Oak in the entrance area which is the classical example of  viral marketing. People walk by and are attracted by the fascinating and unbelievable style. Since the hotel has had this floor they haven’t had any empty rooms, all because of word-of-mouth.
“Actually you can use some of our products not only as unique floors but also as marketing communication tools,” says Harald Maier, CSO of mafi.

mafi Story:
A very neat little hotel in the Austrian Alps decided to lay half of their rooms with mafi floors. Additionally they equipped the entrance and public area with the mafi Tiger Oak to attract attention and make their guests feel special. One and a half years later the owner came back to mafi Flagship store. “It’s crazy but I feel like I have to invest in the other 50% of my rooms with mafi floors as well. My regular guests do not want to go into the rooms with the other floors. Once they enjoyed the warm and cosy feeling of the rooms with your floors, they didn’t want to relinquish this feeling any more. And guess what, I also have to admit that my restaurant guests are talking more about the floor than about the cuisine even though my chef is well known in our region. I have to admit that it was really worth investing in mafi floors. Especially because they are more expensive than other products on the market but are totally different. Finally I decided to also do the rest of my hotel with mafi floors because my customers forced me to.”

extract from the mafi reference-list:

Binz, Germany – Hotel Nixe / St. Moritz, Switzerland – Hotel Post /
Zürich, Switzerland – Hotel Glockenhof / London, UK – Gordon Ramsay /
Madrid, Spain – Hotel Wellington / Monte-Carlo, Monaco – Buddha Bar /
Monaco, Hermitage / Lofer, Austria – Confiserie Berger /

The benefits of wood

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People feel good in rooms with wood

Our health is a big and important part of our life. As mankind lives and has lived with wood for all his life we are connected together. This is why we sometimes can’t tell why we feel so comfortable in a room or not.
It often happens because of the perfect climate and humidity wood provides in areas we spend our time. You can even prove it – people sit in a restaurant with a natural wooden floor longer and feel better than in a restaurant with any other floor – and this results in drinking more.

Have a look at these statistics:

A floor is “Feet warm” with a guide number of max. 0,2.  If the floor is too cold, people get a cold more easily.
Warm guide number of wood: 0,16 W / mK

To compare:

  • cork = 0,05
  • ground screed = 0,65
  • stone or marble = 3,00
  • concrete = 2,0

People only take liquid when their feet are warm. With cold feet people don’t drink and consume as much as they do with warm feet. This is the reason why bars, restaurants and pubs have wooden floors, because people should feel good and enjoy themselves.

Wood is antibacterial

With the open pore surface you get a good atmosphere and it is antibacterial. The floor absorbs pollutants like smoke. Please click here for more information on the  antibacterial effect Gilbert & Watson, 1971, Ak et al. 1994b; Abrishami et al., 1994

People would rather book a hotel room with a wooden floor than a carpeted floor. The reason for this is that most people feel uncomfortable and unhygienic. The floor could be very clean but people think it’s still dirty.

The antiseptic effect of a wooden floor makes it ideal for sensitive people or those suffering from allergies. This is also a reason to choose a natural wooden floor for a hotel.  Micro-organisms can survive a long time on synthetic fibres where they also breed, they do not survive on wood.

Regulation of air humidity

Through regular damp wiping with mafi Wood Floor Soap the floor absorbs moisture that it later emits into the room. In this way the wood ensures a balanced moisture exchange and a healthy room atmosphere. The oiled surface makes the wood almost as breathable as it is in its natural state (approx. 80%). The floor can breathe.

Learn more about air humidity – from Tim Padfield

mafi story:

There was a project in Switzerland. It was a semi-detached house with a mafi natural wooden floor on one side and a stone floor on the other. The owner with the natural wooden floor had to put on the underfloor heating much later than the one with the stone floor because natural wood has a warmth and stone floor feels colder quicker. The man living in the wooden floor house had warmer feet whereby it wasn’t necessary  for him to turn the underfloor heating on while his neighbour with the stone floor had to turn his underfloor heating on earlier.

The next thing that the customer told us was, that he saved 25 % in heating costs, due to the wooden floors.

The reason why he didn’t have to turn the temperature up so high was because the floor felt naturally warm. You don’t need to turn on the floor heating to 24 or 25 degrees as you normally do. For the same feeling you only need to turn on the heating for natural oiled wooden floors to 18 to 20 degrees to get the same feeling. Additionally it is a benefit to your health.

So this is one of the reasons why we lay mafi floors also in bathrooms and wellness areas.

A clever investment.

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mafi floors have a lot of positive advantages not only the optical look and uniqueness they are especially long lasting and dimensionally stable in each region of the world.

Particularly in hotels and gastronomy these facts are very important as you don’t want to change or sand your floor time and time again as with carpets or low quality floors. This means that you do not have to shut down the hotel for renovation and disrupt your guest’s stay as mafi floors are long lasting and do not have to be sanded.

“Overall it is more cost effective, smarter and less work intensive to invest in a high quality floor and use it for a long time. In my opinion the biggest advantage is that the floor becomes more authentic the longer you live with it”, Harald Maier, CSO of mafi, mentions.

Why are mafi floors long-lasting?

The main reason is the oiled and therefore open pore surface that should always be cleaned with mafi soap. Correct floor care helps your natural wood floors to retain their beauty. So the longer you have a mafi floor and the more often you soap it the more resistant it will become.

What is the correct care?

mafi Oil
After installation the natural wooden floor must be polished again with mafi Wood Floor Oil or mafi Professional Oil. Only then the floor is perfectly protected against daily use. This is the reason why you can use it for heavily frequented areas like bars, restaurants and hotels.

mafi Soap
Whenever you clean the floor use the mafi soap. To soap the floor means to clean, to care for and to antibacterial the floor. It is almost like reoiling the floor with each washing.

It’s the same with your skin, whenever you wash your hands you should not use kitchen or floor cleaning fluids, you should use some moisturising (re-fatting) soap. This is also the reason why we call our floors the body’s third skin. Both are open pored, both can breathe and both protects us.

By taking care of your wooden floor with mafi soap – your floor will reward you with it’s beauty!

click here for more information and advice

mafi Story:
A natural wooden floor after many years of use gets a patina because of daily use and stains and cracks on it. So the older the floor is the more valuable the floor looks. If people choose hardwood floors they get the patina later then with softwood floors. If customers don’t want to wait to get a very exclusive wooden plank floor they mostly choose floors with additional hand crafted patina, like our mafi Magic Oak line with it’s hand planed surface. Softwood in contrast is very charming at first because of it’s softer, gives warmer feeling and gets a patina look quicker.
We once had a hotel owner who had the entrance area made with our mafi Larch wide plank. The 5m long and 30cm wide boards looked fantastic and welcomed the people in this exclusive hotel. After 8 years of successful Tourism he wanted to change the floor because it started to look worn. Don’t get us wrong, the floor looked awesome with a lot of charm but he wanted to lay a new one. When mafi’s sales executive asked him how many beautiful women with high heels and how many VIPs walked on this floor he realized that the floor has a history and a lot of stories to tell. At the end of the day he didn’t change the floor and he is still welcoming his guests on this beautiful storytelling part of history.

mafi floors are never worn out – they are worn in.

Eat and sleep

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Save money and feel good on mafi floors

With this newsletter we want to inform you about mafi floors in bars, restaurants and hotels. There are three reasons why customers feel good in a room. Ambience, atmosphere and flair.

What do we need interior-wise to have a good ambience, atmosphere and flair?

Besides the food, drinks and service the flair and ambience is created mainly by furniture. mafi is a trendsetter – with mafi wood it’s possible to make a gastronomy business special. You can use the wood in different ways also for walls, ceilings and furniture. Our philosophy is to work with natural materials only and with oiled floors to keep the perfect attributes of the wood.

We were the first company to work with natural oiled surfaces and also surfaces suitable for baths, wellness- and recreation-areas. This natural method allows the wood to look natural and feel warm and cosy. Thanks to the ecological treatment of the floor using only mafi Oil, the surface’s original hard wearing structure is maintained. This means that all natural advantages, such as warmth and a pleasant atmosphere are created. Because there is no artificial layer between the wood and your feet you can feel the natural sensation of the wood.

To create a charming atmosphere we need to make a “home away from home”. The customers in the restaurant need to feel like they are at home to recover and relax and enjoy their surroundings.

There are very special products available. Dull floors are a thing of the past!

mafi Fresco
mafi Fresco is the ideal floor for wellness, bathrooms and living areas where walking barefoot is the norm. The surface of the floor is designed with different shapes, is eye catching and perfectly stimulates the soles of your feet. The subtle surface structures make the 3-layer Beech Vulcano Fresco planks a work of art that can be used as a design element as well as an element for wall and ceiling covering.

CC – Custom colour
Make your entrance area special and give it a corporate line. With our CC – custom colour line we can now customize your floor with all colours that have a RAL code. This is very exciting for public and commercial buildings where logos, CI and CA should also be captured within the floor design.
Tiger Oak, Magic Oak, Coral Oak, Coral Oak Vulcano, Nero Coral Oak Vulcano, Magic Oak Vulcano, Nero Coral Oak Vulcano, Magic Ash Dark Vulcano are the products which can be customized with your favourite colour.

Superb for bars, restaurants and other high traffic areas, Domino floors combine the advantages of the Vulcano collection with modern possibilities in design. Many small parts form a beautiful completion that will delight you with its vividness and style. Domino floors are very hard wearing due to the elements being end grained cut, this being the hardest part of each wood.

mafi Story:
Once there was this customer, a Hotel owner, in one of our Flagship stores. He was looking for a natural wooden floor because he was building a new private house. He was very inspired with our floors and their design. During the conversation our sales staff found out that this guy was an hotel owner and also needed a floor for the Hotel-restaurant.
At the beginning of the conversation the hotel owner planned to use a ceramic tiled floor for the hotel because it was easier to clean. The warm feeling of the wooden floor was only planned for his private house. But after the consultant asking him a question  the hotel owner suddenly changed his mind.  The question was: “Imagine you want to go into a restaurant with your wife for a nice candle light dinner. Where would you feel more comfortable, in a restaurant with a stone floor or a restaurant with a natural wooden floor?
After thinking about this question the hotel owner was convinced in using a natural wooden floor for the restaurant area as well.

The avantgarde in flooring

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Tiger Oak is one of many new flooring designs introduced by mafi in recent years. With its innovative creations the natural wood flooring manufacturer is constantly redefining the world of flooring. Vulcano, Domino, Fresco are names of the walkable works of art that prove equally impressive in the Hugo Boss Flagship Store as in Giorgio Armani’s villa. An ‘honourable mention’ at the red dot award 2009 for the Fresco floor, oiled white in Duna design, proves once again: mafi is the avant-garde of flooring.

mafi is a trend-setter. The wood floor manufacturer from Upper Austria was the first to opt uncompromisingly for a lacquer-free, purely natural surface. mafi was one of the first natural wood floor manufacturers to offer a real alternative to tropical woods with its thermally treated Vulcano flooring. And it was mafi, too, who was the first manufacturer to give wooden planks a variety of individual surfaces, making every floor unique.

Nie artig, dafür einzigartig

A perfect example of this is Tiger Oak with its irregular stripes that achieve an incomparably unique surface. With its vivid colour accents in cream, silver, gold or violet the luxury floor radiates an immensely sensuous lustre. Not only extremely decorative, it is at the same time hard-wearing and easy to clean, as are all mafi natural wood floors.

Another aspect of Tiger Oak is its aesthetic appearance whether horizontal or vertical. Used either horizontally as a solid fundament of modern living or vertically as an extravagant wall design with fashionable coloured lighting effects. In this variation Tiger Oak is illuminated from behind, giving the room a particularly cosy ambience. Tiger Oak can be used for flooring and walls but also for tables, bars, counters and furniture.

Walkable works of art

A mafi floor is not installed but composed to suit a specific room. This also adds to its individuality – and makes every living space an artistic place. The floor is not sealed but is processed in a natural way. This is representative for mafi’s entire philosophy: only when treated as naturally as possible can wood develop all its positive features: warmth, comfort, charm and beauty.

mafi regards the tree as a work of art in its natural growth and converts it in turn into artistic flooring. Since 1992 mafi has pursued this concept, joined by enthusiastic designers and interior designers from all over the world. Initially consisting of classic oiled country-style planks, the product range today includes numerous innovative designs with sophisticated surface treatments. From 14 native wood sorts mafi creates 400 different floor variations. Each is unique, each is a walkable work of art. See for yourself! www.mafi.at

new mafi catalogue

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We are proud to present our new mafi catalogue, edition 2010. 196 pages will show you unique and outstanding products and will tell you something about mafi and our philosophy.

Please click here to download the catalogue

Furniture made with Fresco Rhombo

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We want to present you one new Fresco design furniture. A partner in Hungary used our mafi Beech Vulcano Fresco wood to build furniture. If you like solutions like this, call Birtalan Csaba.

First pictures of the Catedral in Mexico

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Our partner in Mexico sent us first pictures of the Catedral in Mexico. The mafi natural wooden floor is in currently under installing at this time. The project is planned to be finished in June and the opening day is on the 27 of June. Our partner in Mexico works since one year with architects on this project. Now they are so happy to start with the installation.

We are very curious about this project with so much detailed work of our wood.

More information