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mafi on the Casaklima in Bolzano/Italy

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mafi was on the Casaklima fair in Italy from January 21st – 24th 2010.

Wood can only fully develop its positive features for man and his living space when it is used in the most natural way possible. This is the principle on which mafi produces natural wood floors with their special, ecological surface finish that distiguishes them from all others. mafi uses no UV-hardened, film cover or synthetic material whatsoever for surface treatment. The surface is treated solely with oil, consists of absolutely pure, renewale raq materials and is bio-degradable.

At the exhibition we showed our partners and clients some of our very special products like Tiger Oak , Magic Oak violet, Domino Larch and our Beech Vulcano Fresco duna. Architects, designer and private customers also can see this products and a lot of other mafi samples in our mafi Flagshipstore in Bolzano/Italy.

Many architects were surprised about the uniqueness and creativity of mafi as well as the incredible quality and possibilities of use.

For more details about mafi Italia visit our Italian homepage.

mafi Italia new office and showroom

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The new headquarter for all activities in Italy is installed now in Bolzano. Located directly on the highway it´s easy to reach and open 5 days a week. For more details visit our Italian homepage.