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mafi on it’s way to the ceiling

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mafi has recognised a new need of the market, architects and designers and settled the next trend. From now on mafi can also provide all of it’s floors for wall coverings, ceilings and furniture.

Some innovative architects and interior desingers we are working with don`t like to use too much different materials for modern objects. As mafi always tries to make more out of wood we were thinking to use our material also for ceilings and wall coverings. Based on the experience of mafi about natural wood in combination with the needs of it’s clients, mafi developed new trends. But mafi still goes one step further and makes the chance to get all materials of the floors for other usage. mafi floors are on the way to the wall, to the ceiling and also on furniture.

mafi walls…

Because of the very special surfaces the products of the mafi Fresco line are a wonderful alternative for mixing materials to a continous architecture. In a lot of our projects architects & designers used these products for the floor and the wall. Because of this versatile useability it’s possible to create a consistent room atmosphere without using too many different surfaces. Subtle surface structures make the 3-layer Fresco planks a work of art that can be used as a design element for floors, walls and ceilings. Furthermore mafi Fresco line which is made by incredible craftsmenship and are not only looking perfect in a way of either waves (mafi fresco duna), points (mafi fresco punto) or diamonds (mafi fresco rombo), they also stimulate tired soles of feet. It is wellnes you desire every day.

mafi ceilings…

There is a Bar  in Leibzig/ GER where the architect used the mafi Tiger Oak for the floor, the wall and also for the ceiling for a very beautiful and modern interior design solution. The owner is fascinated about the interior – primarily because the wood doesn’t have a laquered surface. With this open-pore surface wood regulates the air humidity. Wood ensures a balanced moisture exchange and a healthy room atmosphere and furthermore filtrates cigarette smoke. All of these attitudes make living in wooden rooms so comfortable and having dinner, lunch or having drinks so much more enjoyable.

Stairs and furniture

For relying to the central theme you can also make stairs out of mafi materials. Basically the 3-layer plank is used for walls, ceilings and stairs. But there is also a second possibility for the use of mafi wood, which is the mafi top layer. These top layers can be used for the carpenter works of staircases, doors, kitchen fronts and also for other furniture constructions.

mafi Tiger Oak – also used for furniture

mafi has entered a cooperation with a furniture manufacturer. Now there is a suitable furniture to the mafi Tiger Oak floor available. Thomas Haider a famous german producer of high end furniture selected the Tiger Oak for his new interior line. There are some very special furnitures made out of the Tiger Oak available now. And as the Tiger Oak is unique in every plank, every furniture is now unique as well – just like our customers – they are unique too.


Oak Country – Stair design
Domino Larch – floor, wall and door
Tiger Oak on the floor, wall and ceiling
Tiger Oak – Stair design

Beech Vulcano Fresco duna on the wall

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We recently got pictures from the photographer Bieke Claessens of a really beautiful reference.  Interior designer Lens°ass used the mafi Beech Vulcano Fresco duna white oil for the bathroom in an office in Brussel. He used the mafi Fresco for the wall.

We think this is a very beautiful done project and shows that mafi floors can even be used for home interior design solutions.

The mafi Beech Vulcano Fresco is also available in the shapes of Rombo and Punto.

Domino Larch Elements Door

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We recently got pictures of an astonishing project in Mexico where interior designers used the mafi Domino Larch Vulcano Elements not only for the floor but mainly for the wall and even for the door.We think this is a brilliant done project.