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new mafi flagshipstore in Cannes/France (please translate)

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All the friends of our philosophy and products now have the possibility to get closer in contact with our new sales & service company mafi France established in Cannes.

Stephanie Benoit and Daniel Bangerter  are very proud to be part of mafi France and to introduce these architectural products in the new Flagshipstore in Cannes.

The new headquarter opens 5 days a week.

mafi Flagshipstore Cannes
Mon-Fri: 09:00 a.m. to 01:00 p.m. & 02:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
1390 Avenue du Campon
06110 Le Cannet/Cannes
Phone: +33 (0)4 93 43 51 36

Flagship-window: Wedding in spring

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At the mafi Flagshipstore Salzburg/Austria there is a new decoration for the springtime in the Shop-Window. The topic is Wedding in spring. The decoration is from the company Basis 4 / Mrs. Brigitta Schölbauer. We change our decorations 4-5 times a year, always matching the current seasonsal situations.

On the pictures you can see a chair made out chromed wood. The chair-design is from the Campana-Brothers Fernando and Humberto . The chair was chromed by our CI parnter AREA who provides a lot of more chromed furniture. If you are interestet please contact us.

For more information about the Campana-Brothers please click here.

mafi huānyíng nǐ in Běijīng mafi store

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mafi is very proud of it’s first mafi store in Asia. Our asian partner was recently opening a mafi concept store in one of Beijing’s best addresses for living, furniture and iterior. Settled in the Easy Home Mall the store is in the middle of High End Quality furniture for customers who are searching for special designs for their homes.

Every mafi wooden floor is a piece of art for itself, no floor is like the other. In the showroom you can see a good variaty of many unique mafi wooden floors. In the salesroom we installed the mafi Tiger Oak black. The product innovation 3-D massage effect mafi fresco is to be seen in the shop-window of the showroom. This showroom offers the possibility for both, for private customers an business partners, architects and designers very closely with personal consultation a comprehensive picture over the entire extensive pallet of the mafi products.

The mafi sales team is highly motivated and ready for welcoming you in the store to satisfy your needs.

MAFI Floor Store
EasyHome Mall
North 4th Ring Road
139 10965846

walk on art at mafi Flagshipstore in Salzburg

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Last week the Vernissage of Claudia Nebel’s “Run for the Universe” took place at the mafi Flagshipstore in Salzburg. Visitors especially liked the symbiosis of mafi’s slogan “walk on art” and the art project where runners “prepared” the canvas for the artist.

Please find attached some pictures of the evening.

Vernissage: Claudia Nebel’s “Running for the universe”

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We are happy to announce the next Vernissage at mafi Flagshipstore in Salzburg. We will welcome Caudia Nebel, an Austrian Artist, with her project “Running for the Universe”.

During the Berlin and the Vienna City marathons Claudia Nebel involved over 50000 runners in her project. With their footsteps they left their personal footprint as a preperation for the art project.

After the marathons, Nebel portrated out some of the Runners after finishing the marathon. These 14 unique canvas will be presented ath the Vernissage at the mafi Flagshipstore on 9th of July 2009, 7.30 p.m.

mafi Flagshipstore Salzburg
Imbergstr 9
5020 Salzburg

Exhibition change at mafi Flagshipstore

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Take the chance and visit the art exhibition “Mirrors” of Maurizio Marcato at mafi Flagshipstore in Salzburg. The exhibition will close on July 1st and makes place for another chance to walk on art.

mafi Flagshipstore Salzburg
Imbergstraße 9
5020 Salzburg

mafi Italia new office and showroom

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The new headquarter for all activities in Italy is installed now in Bolzano. Located directly on the highway it´s easy to reach and open 5 days a week. For more details visit our Italian homepage.

mafi France s’établie à Cannes

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Tous les amoureux des produits et de la philosophie mafi en France ont désormais la possibilité de se rapprocher de

notre filiale française mafi France établie à Cannes.

 ”C’est en voyageant et travaillant entre les Etats-Unis et l’Amérique Latine à la recherche de talents dans l’univers du bois où qu’ils puissent être que je découvris un produit véritablement unique qui provenait de mon ancien continent et je devins alors une amoureuse des créations mafi et de la philosophie de cette maison. Je pris alors la décision en 2008 de retour en France de développer une collaboration avec mafi sur le marché français. Aujourd’hui je suis très fière de faire partie de mafi France et de promouvoir ces parquets architecturaux sur de nombreux projets de standing sur la Côte d’Azur, à Monaco, Paris, Lyon, …” Stéphanie Benoit, CSO mafi France