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mafi Tigeroak in niXe designhotel in Binz/GER (please translate)

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Art nouveau meets contemporary design

The niXe Designhotel” (Binz, Rügen, Germany) is a real gem on the beachfront: the combination of contemporary design and a perfectly matching natural oiled wooden floor inside an art nouveau villa deserves the title “outstanding and amazingly unique”.

We are proud that “The niXe Designhotel” used our “mafi Tigeroak cream color filler, brushed, white oiled” as main floor for their luxury restaurant. Above all they equipped the counter in the hotelbar with a fabulously illuminated Tigeroak. This is a specially made Tigeroak where back light illuminates the whole room through the unfilled cracks of the wood. This makes the ambience very special and delightful.

In the hotel nixe is not only a very good floor, you also get a very good meal. We congratulate the Hotel nixe for his first Michelin Stone.

mafi floors are perfect to be used in restaurants. Because of the open natural oiled wood, the surface is extremely hardwearing. Therefore, mafi floors are also suitable for rooms that are used frequently by the public or for commercial purposes.

Check our pictures and see for yourself!

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Viral marketing with floors. That works?

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In fact you go to a restaurant to enjoy a dinner because of the chef. But the uniqueness of a restaurant can be exponentiated with a unique floor that is perfectly composed in the restaurant and gives the guests a special “wow-effect”. Such a strategic interior investment is not only to feel comfortable it is also a floor that makes the restaurant special and promotes it in a unique way.

The same experience we have had in the hotel business. In the Austrian Alps there is a fantastic hotel with a black lighted purple Tiger Oak in the entrance area which is the classical example of  viral marketing. People walk by and are attracted by the fascinating and unbelievable style. Since the hotel has had this floor they haven’t had any empty rooms, all because of word-of-mouth.
“Actually you can use some of our products not only as unique floors but also as marketing communication tools,” says Harald Maier, CSO of mafi.

mafi Story:
A very neat little hotel in the Austrian Alps decided to lay half of their rooms with mafi floors. Additionally they equipped the entrance and public area with the mafi Tiger Oak to attract attention and make their guests feel special. One and a half years later the owner came back to mafi Flagship store. “It’s crazy but I feel like I have to invest in the other 50% of my rooms with mafi floors as well. My regular guests do not want to go into the rooms with the other floors. Once they enjoyed the warm and cosy feeling of the rooms with your floors, they didn’t want to relinquish this feeling any more. And guess what, I also have to admit that my restaurant guests are talking more about the floor than about the cuisine even though my chef is well known in our region. I have to admit that it was really worth investing in mafi floors. Especially because they are more expensive than other products on the market but are totally different. Finally I decided to also do the rest of my hotel with mafi floors because my customers forced me to.”

extract from the mafi reference-list:

Binz, Germany – Hotel Nixe / St. Moritz, Switzerland – Hotel Post /
Zürich, Switzerland – Hotel Glockenhof / London, UK – Gordon Ramsay /
Madrid, Spain – Hotel Wellington / Monte-Carlo, Monaco – Buddha Bar /
Monaco, Hermitage / Lofer, Austria – Confiserie Berger /

mafi Oaks in Wellness Hotel Sackmann in Baiersbronn, GER

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The designer Vögele, Freudenstadt in GER, equipped the wellness area from the Hotel Sackmann with about 150m² mafi Tiger Oak white, brushed, natural oil and 150m² Oak Country , brushed, white oil.

The design team used mafi floors in the relaxation room, the corridor and also in the fitness room. Living and working rooms with an natural oiled wooden surface, like mafi floors are, you can enjoy a pleasing atmosphere. The reason for this is, that the open wooden surface can regulate the athmosphere and keep it comfortable within saving and loosing humidity. This is just one of many reason why natural oiled floors make a better living.

It is also possible to fill the cracks of the Tiger Oak in every colour (RAL colour) you would like to have. Please find some examples a few posts below called “Custom Colour for special products”.

mafi Oak in design Hotel Madlein in Ischgl / AUT

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Artists and Designers equipped the design rooms and the superior design suits with the mafi Oak clear brushed white oil which matches the modern architecture perfectly and makes the fantastic view of the Tyrolean Alps even more enjoyable.

We think Hotel Madlein is a great reference. We really like the clean but modern interior design that makes Hotel Madlein so special.

Please follow the link for more information about the mafi Oak