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Remarquable maison à Los Angeles

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Nous avons reçu des photos d’une incroyable maison privée de 10,000 pieds carrés  avec une somptueuse vue sur le bassin de Los Angeles. Dans certaines pièces il a été utilisé des parquets mafi. Nous sommes très fiers de pouvoir mentionner cette magnifique référence.

Cette maison attire beaucoup l’attention aux Etats-Unis. Elle serait annoncée comme la meilleure maison moderne à Los Angeles.

Click here for more information about this project please.

Villa: Oak Country stair-design

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Beyer& Freitag architects equipped this Villa in Leer/GER with 270 square meters Oak Country, brushed oiled white. A very nice detail is the crossover between two rooms without any gaps or metal solutions.
They also used the mafi Oak Country for the stairs with the mafi plank as running-board and solid wood stair noses. This is an easy way to create a very beautiful stair design. The stair noses are available directly from mafi and for the running-board you only have to order the plank. mafi installers may help you to create a very unique way of getting up and down.

Oak Country white oil: Cracks, knotholes and large knots are emphasized with black putty. Colour retention given proper care. Light wood remains permanently light when treated with white Wood Floor Soap as white pigments are worked into the wood every time the floor is damp wiped.
Because of the very natural and vivid surface, just like we get it by nature, the floor is very insensitive against amrks and stains.
If still damaged the Country floors are very easy to repair. As no film forms on the wood, diagonal scratches and damage can be repaired at any time by sanding the affected area. Re-oiling is then carried out only on that area.

One York Residences – Enrique Norten

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Star Architect Enrique Norten designed 6 fabolous glass penthouses with automated parking in the 1 York Street / Manhattan. He used our mafi Clear Oak, brushed and natural oiled for all six pents. We are very proud about this one york project.

More and more the americans recognise the trend of natural wooden floors in high living areas. Also the architects prefer the mafi natural wooden floors for special projects. In some regions in the US mafi is very famous and they name us as interior designers, not as wooden floor manufacturer. This is why many architctes and designers now use very often our unique products for their unique projects.

On the other hand there are still a lot of americans, who don’t know the difference between natural oiled surfaces and lacquered or other surfaces. With this references we can give the people in the US an impression of the advantages of natural oiled floors. We want to introduce ourselves as a(n) (interior) manufacturer of natural oiled wooden floors whose philosophy is to work with natural materials only and to only oil the floors to keep the perfect attributes of the wood. We bring the nature in your house.


The renaissance of wide plank larch

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The minimalism is an architecture style which distinguishes itself  through its easy use of forms and through the reunciation of decoration elements. Concret lines and geometrical forms of the layout as well as a reduction of the interior decoration to the basic are amin targets of minimalism. But how to get all these minamilstic, grey and concreted architecture into a warm and cosy living atmosphere? mafi delivers the new trend for minimalism…

conifers wide plank floor in a modern way

mafi coniferous wood gives this chilly rooms a very warmly design and a good atmosphere. The extravagant surfaces of the conifer wide plank creates a consistent atmosphere for every area. Especially the lye-treated, white oile larch wide plank is ideal to create feelings with wooden floors in modern and minimalism objects without destroying them. In spite of this modern surface the larch is due to it`s astonishing and beautiful structure very warm and provides a special room feeling.
The reason for this warm and smooth feeling on the floor is the brushing and oiling process. Brushing and oiling the floor is the most natural way of protecting the floor and giving you a warm feeling when walking on it. You will love it.


Wood can only fully develop its positive features for human and it’s living space when it is used in the most natural way possible. Besides perfectioning ecological wood processing, mafi`s passion is the creation of trends within the field of natural living. Every piece of wood is treated as a work of art in its natural growth. mafi floors combine the highest demands on quality, naturalness and design. The oiled and brushed surfaces are even increasing the feeling of nature under your feet.

what human need for living

mafi processed basically larches which surfaces are treated solely with oil, consists of absolutely pure, renewable raw materials and is bio-degradable. mafi intentionally disassociates itself from lacquer and wood surface coating so that every floor stays breathable, can regulate the rooms moisture and purify the air. This means that all natural advantages, such as warmth and a pleasant atmoshere are preserved. Soaping the floors will keep all the attributes and will make teh larch more and more resistant against dirt and stains. So the floor will get a patina with every year of living on it. It will change the same like all the dwellers will change over the years. mafi – natural art.


In Greece the mafi larch is already used for over 12 years for modern objects. The mafi conifer wood is particularly in the cold season appreciated because of its natural warmth of the wood. One of the current projects is a 350 SQM private house in the Caribbean and a minimalistic design in the swiss alps where they used the mafi Larch wide plank for creating special athomsphere.

mafi on it’s way to the ceiling

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mafi has recognised a new need of the market, architects and designers and settled the next trend. From now on mafi can also provide all of it’s floors for wall coverings, ceilings and furniture.

Some innovative architects and interior desingers we are working with don`t like to use too much different materials for modern objects. As mafi always tries to make more out of wood we were thinking to use our material also for ceilings and wall coverings. Based on the experience of mafi about natural wood in combination with the needs of it’s clients, mafi developed new trends. But mafi still goes one step further and makes the chance to get all materials of the floors for other usage. mafi floors are on the way to the wall, to the ceiling and also on furniture.

mafi walls…

Because of the very special surfaces the products of the mafi Fresco line are a wonderful alternative for mixing materials to a continous architecture. In a lot of our projects architects & designers used these products for the floor and the wall. Because of this versatile useability it’s possible to create a consistent room atmosphere without using too many different surfaces. Subtle surface structures make the 3-layer Fresco planks a work of art that can be used as a design element for floors, walls and ceilings. Furthermore mafi Fresco line which is made by incredible craftsmenship and are not only looking perfect in a way of either waves (mafi fresco duna), points (mafi fresco punto) or diamonds (mafi fresco rombo), they also stimulate tired soles of feet. It is wellnes you desire every day.

mafi ceilings…

There is a Bar  in Leibzig/ GER where the architect used the mafi Tiger Oak for the floor, the wall and also for the ceiling for a very beautiful and modern interior design solution. The owner is fascinated about the interior – primarily because the wood doesn’t have a laquered surface. With this open-pore surface wood regulates the air humidity. Wood ensures a balanced moisture exchange and a healthy room atmosphere and furthermore filtrates cigarette smoke. All of these attitudes make living in wooden rooms so comfortable and having dinner, lunch or having drinks so much more enjoyable.

Stairs and furniture

For relying to the central theme you can also make stairs out of mafi materials. Basically the 3-layer plank is used for walls, ceilings and stairs. But there is also a second possibility for the use of mafi wood, which is the mafi top layer. These top layers can be used for the carpenter works of staircases, doors, kitchen fronts and also for other furniture constructions.

mafi Tiger Oak – also used for furniture

mafi has entered a cooperation with a furniture manufacturer. Now there is a suitable furniture to the mafi Tiger Oak floor available. Thomas Haider a famous german producer of high end furniture selected the Tiger Oak for his new interior line. There are some very special furnitures made out of the Tiger Oak available now. And as the Tiger Oak is unique in every plank, every furniture is now unique as well – just like our customers – they are unique too.


Oak Country – Stair design
Domino Larch – floor, wall and door
Tiger Oak on the floor, wall and ceiling
Tiger Oak – Stair design

interested in the newest trend – come to Milan

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Next week we are on the fair “fuori salone” in milano from april 13st – 18st 2010. You will find us in the “biggest hall” of the fair, the Via Tortona, 20. All important and interesting companies are in this street just like mafi. There you will have the possibility to get an impression of mafi, it’s products and it’s philosophy.

Visit us at the Fuori Salone, to see our newest product – a new product – special detailed work – custom design – look forward to…

Please follow the link to find the architonic guide for the exhibition in Milan.

mafi natural wood floors are not sealed but are processed by natural means. This means the floors all have the fantastic features of wood`s natural finish: They stay breathable, can regulate the humidity in a room and purify the air. We treat the surface with organic oil only. Once treated, mafi floors are so hardwearing and easy to care for that they are suitable also for commercially used areas.

mafi is the cutting-edge in flooring. Every year we introduce several new products to the market which attract attention worldwide. For example, our inspirational coral oak with artistically integrated cracks in various shades of colour. Or our hand-planed magic floors, with coloured grooves that are not only visible but also tangible. A mafi floor gives every room it`s own particular flair.

mafi natural wood floors are not installed but are composed to suit a specific room. This makes every single floor as individual as it`s owner – and makes the living space an artistic place. Even during production we take the distinctive identity of the wood into consideration. We use the whole tree, working with an awareness of its natural growth and create unique works of art to walk on.

Mankind lives on all four corners of the globe. Individuality is his being and desire. Our art is preparing the basis.

mafi was the first company in its trade to opt uncompromisingly for the lacquer-free surface treated with natural oil. It is our conviction that wood can only display its positive features when it is treated and used in the most natural way possible.

We were the first to develop a real alternative to tropical woods with our thermally treated vulcano flooring. Utilizing water, heat and time we used only ecologically harmless materials to colour our wood through and through.

mafi is trendsetter.

A table like a floor …

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… means that is now possible to order a natural oiled table with the same material like you have on the floor.

This table was designed in collaboration with our CI design partner AREA. The tabletop is available in all our mafi material and surfaces, like tiger oak, coral, magic…
The table legs are oiled with mafi oil natural, white or grey and the material is ever  Oak.

It is also possible to choose the dimensions of the tabletop, the standard size is 2800×1200 mm. The table is stuck together only with wooden connections and is made without any metal construction.

Prices on request.

Please contact us for more details about prices and shipping.

40 Bond. That`s the adress from the New Yorker downtown luxury condominium.

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The Swiss star architect duo Herzog & de Meuron styled the 27 unit luxury class complex. 22 loft style dwellings and 5 town houses with private gardens.

Our mafi Oak  in Vulcano  is not only  in all the rooms and on all stairs, but also used in the kitchen and on the bathroom doors and walls as well.

We are very proud about 40 Bond this luxury project from the inernationally known interior designers and lifestyle architects.

The mafi Vulcano line is a special heat treated (without any chemical additives) wood which has a consistent couloring and better properties in case of swelling and shrinking. That is why it is also useable for bathrooms and other wellnes- and recreation areas.

Please follow the link for more information about mafi products like Oak Vulcano.

mafi Oak in design Hotel Madlein in Ischgl / AUT

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Artists and Designers equipped the design rooms and the superior design suits with the mafi Oak clear brushed white oil which matches the modern architecture perfectly and makes the fantastic view of the Tyrolean Alps even more enjoyable.

We think Hotel Madlein is a great reference. We really like the clean but modern interior design that makes Hotel Madlein so special.

Please follow the link for more information about the mafi Oak

Beech Vulcano Fresco duna on the wall

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We recently got pictures from the photographer Bieke Claessens of a really beautiful reference.  Interior designer Lens°ass used the mafi Beech Vulcano Fresco duna white oil for the bathroom in an office in Brussel. He used the mafi Fresco for the wall.

We think this is a very beautiful done project and shows that mafi floors can even be used for home interior design solutions.

The mafi Beech Vulcano Fresco is also available in the shapes of Rombo and Punto.