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Harald’s experiences – part I

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Some month ago a lady was coming in our flagship store and wanted have a very light floor for the whole house. She decided to take the mafi Maple white oiled and wanted to install this floor also in the kitchen. We discussed the situation and I ask here if she is also cooking in her kitchen, because I was thinking about “Hungarian Gulasch” or “Italian pasta” on the floor – which would be a nice colour difference – and I told her that I was not so sure if this floor is quite well the right decision.

2 weeks later I a met another lady having breakfast in the Cafe Bazar and she asked me, “you are working in this nice flagship around the corner, aren’t you?“yes I am”, and she said:”We decided 6 years ago to take this wonderful  floor and I am still so happy because it´s so easy to clean. Much better then the floor we had before”. I ask her all the important things, which floor, which rooms, …

She told me that they have a mafi Maple white oiled in the whole house also in the kitchen and in the bathroom too. No problems, no stains. I learned that it´s possible to use a white oiled maple also in a kitchen with kids and dogs. I ask here about her secret to get a look like a new floor. She said “I took a little more soap on the floor in the beginning than mafi recommend me. And so the floor was fat enough and I never had a problem“.

The only problem I had with this information, I got it 2 weeks too late to tell the other lady.

Harald Maier, CSO

kitchen, doors and furniture – made possible by mafi CH

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This is a very special project to show what is possible with mafi natural wooden floors. On the pictures  you can see that the wood is used for the floor, the kitchen, the doors and for some of the furniture. There is a cabinet covered with mafi Oak. This is possible for nearly all furnitures and with almost every mafi floor.
“A good carpenter can make nearly everything out of our floors”, says Daniel Bangerter, CEO of mafi Suisse.
Also the kitchen is made with the same Oak and also brushed. We think this reference shows that you can make one line through the apartment which makes a very good interior design. The kitchen is from the carpenter Moser Appenzell/Switzerland.

They used mafi Oak Country, brushed oiled white for teh complete apartment.

Please have a look of the pictures about this perfect done detail work.

A table like a floor …

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… means that is now possible to order a natural oiled table with the same material like you have on the floor.

This table was designed in collaboration with our CI design partner AREA. The tabletop is available in all our mafi material and surfaces, like tiger oak, coral, magic…
The table legs are oiled with mafi oil natural, white or grey and the material is ever  Oak.

It is also possible to choose the dimensions of the tabletop, the standard size is 2800×1200 mm. The table is stuck together only with wooden connections and is made without any metal construction.

Prices on request.

Please contact us for more details about prices and shipping.

Private bathrooms and natural oiled wooden floors

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People dream of warm, cushy and stimulatory wooden floors in barefoot-areas, above all in bathrooms. Mafi wooden floors are a marvelous match for this. You don’t think that this is possible? Find out more…

Why are mafi wooden floors suitable for wet rooms?

As mafi natural oiled wooden floors come with an “open” wooden surface the floors are able to absorb water and humidity and can release it again; the wood can breathe.

The reason for that is simple but effective: the oil does not coat the floor on the top like lacquer or varnish do, but it is going inside the wood and is therefore protecting the whole top layer against water, humidity, stains, scratches and tracks of daily use. In comparison, lacquer is not able to protect the wood against humidity and water as soon as the coat has a little damage which will definitely occur in daily use. And if the lacquer coat is slightly damaged the wood is not protected anymore.

What about the swelling and shrinking?

As mafi floors are made of 3-layer constructions of solid wood, they are more stable than any other “solid wooden single layer floors”. This stableness reduces swelling and shrinking and keeps the floor flawless. Furthermore the thermo treated mafi collection called “Vulcano” is even more likely to be used in such conditions because of their even lesser swelling and shrinking attributes. This is founded due to the natural heat treatment (NO chemicals at all) that makes the wood structure more stable.

How to treat the floor correctly?

Of course it is important that the wood can also regenerate to keep it as marvelous as it is. To support that process it is very important to wash a mafi floor with our especially developed mafi soap. It is cleaning and refreshing the floor with oils and fats with one wash, as easy as pie. The longer you have your mafi floor and the more you wash it with mafi soap, the more resistant the floor will get against water, humidity and stains.

So how can you use mafi natural oiled wooden floors in wet rooms?

Considering the quality aspects we have very good long-term experience with mafi floors in bathrooms and wellness areas and can really recommend the floors for bathroom floorings, wall covering, ceilings and carpentries. Considering the unique feeling of walking barefoot on smooth and warm wood we can say: you will love it. One enthusiastic mafi customer even used a mafi Tigeroak as a wall covering inside the shower and still is fascinated and satisfied of the quality and the look.

Last but not least we want to add that if you want to fit your bathroom with mafi planks you must observe relevant guidelines for laying and surface re-finishing and treat the flooring with reasonable care as mentioned above.  www.mafi.at/technicalinformation