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Georg’s experiences – part I

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A client recently called me one and a half year after we did the installation of a mafi Larch wide plank in her private penthouse in Austria. She wanted to thank me for the help of choosing mafi floors and was very sceptic if the floor would be resistant enough for her family. “You have to know that I have three kids, two dogs and one husband. I really need a floor without problems.
So when she called me she told me that she had an accident with the floor. Her kids mixed up the floor with drawing paper and made some “nice” scribbles on the floor. With markers. But after some tips of mafi’s cleaning expert and a smooth treatment with the mafi soap the floor looked like new again. Just wonderful.
Furthermore she told me that she is sooo happy that they chose a Larch and mixed it with there very unique, modern and clear penthouse furniture. “It just matches so good. Couldn’t believe that the vivid Larch will look so nice with our straight furniture
Anyone that has doubts is allowed to contact our client and to have a look on the beautiful floor. She will be more than happy to welcome you.

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The renaissance of wide plank larch

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The minimalism is an architecture style which distinguishes itself  through its easy use of forms and through the reunciation of decoration elements. Concret lines and geometrical forms of the layout as well as a reduction of the interior decoration to the basic are amin targets of minimalism. But how to get all these minamilstic, grey and concreted architecture into a warm and cosy living atmosphere? mafi delivers the new trend for minimalism…

conifers wide plank floor in a modern way

mafi coniferous wood gives this chilly rooms a very warmly design and a good atmosphere. The extravagant surfaces of the conifer wide plank creates a consistent atmosphere for every area. Especially the lye-treated, white oile larch wide plank is ideal to create feelings with wooden floors in modern and minimalism objects without destroying them. In spite of this modern surface the larch is due to it`s astonishing and beautiful structure very warm and provides a special room feeling.
The reason for this warm and smooth feeling on the floor is the brushing and oiling process. Brushing and oiling the floor is the most natural way of protecting the floor and giving you a warm feeling when walking on it. You will love it.


Wood can only fully develop its positive features for human and it’s living space when it is used in the most natural way possible. Besides perfectioning ecological wood processing, mafi`s passion is the creation of trends within the field of natural living. Every piece of wood is treated as a work of art in its natural growth. mafi floors combine the highest demands on quality, naturalness and design. The oiled and brushed surfaces are even increasing the feeling of nature under your feet.

what human need for living

mafi processed basically larches which surfaces are treated solely with oil, consists of absolutely pure, renewable raw materials and is bio-degradable. mafi intentionally disassociates itself from lacquer and wood surface coating so that every floor stays breathable, can regulate the rooms moisture and purify the air. This means that all natural advantages, such as warmth and a pleasant atmoshere are preserved. Soaping the floors will keep all the attributes and will make teh larch more and more resistant against dirt and stains. So the floor will get a patina with every year of living on it. It will change the same like all the dwellers will change over the years. mafi – natural art.


In Greece the mafi larch is already used for over 12 years for modern objects. The mafi conifer wood is particularly in the cold season appreciated because of its natural warmth of the wood. One of the current projects is a 350 SQM private house in the Caribbean and a minimalistic design in the swiss alps where they used the mafi Larch wide plank for creating special athomsphere.

Berger Confiserie digs on mafi Domino

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Berger Feinste Confiserie is presenting their adorable chocolate creations on our mafi Domino Larch Vulcano sanded natural oiled in their office and showroom in Lofer/AUT. This is a very unique and a modern office/factory/showroom.

Domino floors combine the advantages of mafis Vulcano collection with modern possibilities in design. Many parts form a beautiful whole that will desight you with its viviness and style. Domino Vulcano elements are cut as end grain, at right angles to the trunk. The small blocks are held together on parquet mesh and, when glued to a standard substrate, form a particularly durable floor, suitable also for use in public or commercial areas.

For a better impression have a closer look on the pictures.

Protected: Unrivaled project in Switzerland

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Domino Larch Elements Door

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We recently got pictures of an astonishing project in Mexico where interior designers used the mafi Domino Larch Vulcano Elements not only for the floor but mainly for the wall and even for the door.We think this is a brilliant done project.


mafi Larch in Superior Hotel Stanglwirt in Kitzbühl / AUT

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The Stanglwirt in Kitzbühl / AUT already has a long-term relationship with mafi. After having great experience with mafi floors for years, the Stangl family decided to use mafi Larch in their newly renovated rooms again. We are happy that mafi customers always come back to mafi because of their satisfaction with the floors even in public projects.

for more information please have a look on the pictures and on www.stanglwirt.com