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mafi Tigeroak in niXe designhotel in Binz/GER (please translate)

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Art nouveau meets contemporary design

The niXe Designhotel” (Binz, Rügen, Germany) is a real gem on the beachfront: the combination of contemporary design and a perfectly matching natural oiled wooden floor inside an art nouveau villa deserves the title “outstanding and amazingly unique”.

We are proud that “The niXe Designhotel” used our “mafi Tigeroak cream color filler, brushed, white oiled” as main floor for their luxury restaurant. Above all they equipped the counter in the hotelbar with a fabulously illuminated Tigeroak. This is a specially made Tigeroak where back light illuminates the whole room through the unfilled cracks of the wood. This makes the ambience very special and delightful.

In the hotel nixe is not only a very good floor, you also get a very good meal. We congratulate the Hotel nixe for his first Michelin Stone.

mafi floors are perfect to be used in restaurants. Because of the open natural oiled wood, the surface is extremely hardwearing. Therefore, mafi floors are also suitable for rooms that are used frequently by the public or for commercial purposes.

Check our pictures and see for yourself!

Please follow the link for more impressions about mafi floors in restaurants

Custom Colour for Special Products (please translate)

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Starting with the Tigeroak with black filler mafi R&D always wanted more colours and a bigger variaty for our customers. With our CC (custom colour) line we now can fill your personal floor with all colours that have a RAL code.

This is very interesting for public and commercial buildings where logos, CI and CD should also be captured in the floor but also for a special mood in private areas.

The colours can be chosen for Tiger Oak, Magic Oak, Coral Oak, Coral Oak Vulcano, Nero Coral Oak Vulcano, Magic Oak Vulcano, Nero Coral Oak Vulcano and the Magic Ash Dark Vulcano.

Tigeroak grades up a bar (please translate)

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mafi and one of its partners just finished an interior project in a new bar in Sölden / Austria. The Tigeroak is not only used for the floor but also for a perfect symbiosis on the wall and on the ceiling.

For a good impression have a closer look on the pictures.

Malta – new part of the mafi family

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mafi is proud to present a new partner in Malta with a showroom of approx 1600 square meters.

Domestica Ltd is a family driven company just like mafi is. They are producing and dealing with high end furniture and are the 1st address for Maltese high end interior design.

Chris Vasallo Cesareo, Director of Domestica, put in the mafi Tiger Oak cream colour filler, brushed, natural oiled for the main entrance area which gives customers a very warm welcome.
The Tiger Oak black colour filler, brushed, natural oiled will lead customers in the luxury section in the first floor.

Best address on Island is open since 3rd of June. The floor installation was started by the mafi HQs team and finished by Domestica’s Installers. The sales Managers are already prepared to welcome you and consult you with all the benefits a mafi floors will bring in your home.

Domestica Ltd
Msida Road,
Birkirkara MSD 9020
Malta, Europe
phone: +356 21 447 604
Fax: +356 21 491 018

mafi Tigeroak in the showroom of Blums kitchen exhibition

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Blum is one of the biggest kitchen manufacturer. This company used approx 450 square meters mafi Tigeroak black color filler, brushed natural oiled for it`s new showroom in Dornbirn/AUT.  We think this is a very beautiful done project and shows that mafi floors can even be used for kitchens.

For more information please have a look on the pictures and on www.mafi.at

“Now I know what´s the difference! “

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The decision to take a mafi natural wooden floor is for the most architects and customers not so easy, because you normally do not know all the benefits of these unique products..

The swiss architect Rolf Billing is enthused about mafi floors till his first project with mafi. Now he knows , to live in a house with a natural material like wood is better for the well-being and health of people who are living there. As long as the wood is kept natural with natural oils and not is laquered it can spread all the positve benefits that comes with nature.  Rolf Billing styled this very modern apartment with the mafi Tigeroak black color filler, brushed natural oil. This floor demonstrates the symbol between nature an engineering. mafi Oak in combination with the dark cracks gets the costumer a product outstanding in its uniqueness and vitality.

Rolf Billing used the mafi Tigeroak not only for the Living room also for the bathroom, please have a look at the pictures.

mafi successfully presented at the Big 5 show in Dubai

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This week mafi was successfully presented at one of the biggest Building and interior shows in the middle east, the Big 5 show in the World Trade Center in Dubai.

Arabic and international visitors were really impressed about the brand and the unique products with the natural oiled wooden surface. They especially liked the mafi Tiger Oak gold and the mafi Magic Ash silver which were presented just like art in big colored frames.

Thanks to all partners and clients and all intersting people for a lot of passion and good conversation.

mafi – walk on art

mafi Oaks in Wellness Hotel Sackmann in Baiersbronn, GER

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The designer Vögele, Freudenstadt in GER, equipped the wellness area from the Hotel Sackmann with about 150m² mafi Tiger Oak white, brushed, natural oil and 150m² Oak Country , brushed, white oil.

The design team used mafi floors in the relaxation room, the corridor and also in the fitness room. Living and working rooms with an natural oiled wooden surface, like mafi floors are, you can enjoy a pleasing atmosphere. The reason for this is, that the open wooden surface can regulate the athmosphere and keep it comfortable within saving and loosing humidity. This is just one of many reason why natural oiled floors make a better living.

It is also possible to fill the cracks of the Tiger Oak in every colour (RAL colour) you would like to have. Please find some examples a few posts below called “Custom Colour for special products”.

mafi on the Maison de Objet – Paris

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mafi was on the Maison de Objet fair in Paris from September 4th-8th. We presented our second generation of our booth that was designed by our CI-partner AREA and an outstanding american Graffiti artist.
The show was really succefully again. Thanks to everybody for all these nice conversations, evenings, get-togethers, inspirations and moods.
During the exhibition we showed our latest products like Magic Ash and Magic Oak additional to our unique Tigeroak, the Domino Floor, the Red Dot Award honourable mention winner Fresco and other mafi classics.
Another invention we presented on the Maison de Objet was the grey oil. With this unique grey and natural surface we create astonishing floors. The grey oil expands the possibilities of natural oiled, air dryid wooden floors among the natural and white oil.

mafi Italia new office and showroom

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The new headquarter for all activities in Italy is installed now in Bolzano. Located directly on the highway it´s easy to reach and open 5 days a week. For more details visit our Italian homepage.